Adaptive Sports

Adaptive Rowing or Para-Rowing

Adaptive rowing or para-rowing (also called sculling) offers a low-impact activity, full body workout that can be performed by individuals of all fitness and functional levels – both on and off the water.  For the most part, adaptive rowing or para-rowing equipment is standard equipment with minor modifications:

  • Special seats with higher backs, which may include arms on sides and/or chest or leg straps
  • Pontoons affixed to both sides of boats with brackets

Adaptive Rowing or Para-Rowing Classifications for Competition
As a competitive sport, para-rowing is unique.  It is fully integrated with the World Rowing Federation, FISA, which means that para-rowers participate alongside able-bodied athletes at some of the World Rowing Cups and the World Rowing Championships.

There are three categories for adaptive rowers:

  • PR3
    • Rowers have use of at least one leg, trunk and arms
    • Rowed with standard boats and sliding seats
  • PR2
    • Rowers only use of trunk muscles
    • Boat has fixed seat
  • PR1
    • Rowers have limited trunk control
    • Boat has fixed seat and rower is strapped at upper chest level to only allow shoulder and arm movements


Indoor and On-Water Adaptive Rowing (2:52)


Additional Resources
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