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Power Soccer — Rules, Equipment, Programs and Demonstration

Power soccer was designed and developed for power wheelchair users. The game is usually played, in a gymnasium, on standard-size basketball courts with four players on each team (one of whom is goalie) with power wheelchairs that have foot guards to attack, defend and spin-kick the ball.  The objective of is to use the wheelchair to maneuver the ball across the court and score on opposing team’s goal.

Games have two 20-minute halves and each team has two two-minute timeouts per half.  The rules are mostly the same as traditional soccer, with two exceptions:

  • 2-on-1 rule
    When ball is in play, only one player and one opponent can be withing 3 meters for the ball.
  • 3 in the goal area rule
    Only two players can defend their goal at one time.
  • Balls are hit back into play when out of bounds rather than thrown and goals can be scored from the sidelines.
  • Max speed for chairs is 10 km or 6.2 mph.


  • Power wheelchair
  • Soccer guards, or bumpers, mounted on front of wheelchair
  • 13” ball
  • Helmet
  • Lapbelt
  • Foot guard

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United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA)
The United States Power Soccer Association is the sport’s governing body.  It also provides information about leagues and teams (conference, non-conference and recreational) as well as events.

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