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Sitting Volleyball

Sitting volleyball does not require special equipment and the skills are nearly exactly the same as standing volleyball.  Players use the same net and ball, but rather than standing they sit on the court.  The game follows the same rules as traditional volleyball with a few exceptions:

  • Players must be seated on the ground
  • Lower net – 1.15m (3.7ft) for men and 1.05m (3.4ft) for women
  • Smaller court – 10 x 6m (32.8ft x 19.6ft)
  • At least one buttock must remain in contact with the floor whenever the player contacts the ball

Skills are largely identical to traditional volleyball and the following game terminology.

Video Overview of Sitting Volleyball (1:05)


Competitive Sitting Volleyball
Both disabled and able-bodied can enjoy sitting volleyball, but, there are classifications for competition in the Paralympic Games or with U.S. National Team. Players are required to have a classification of Minimal Disability (MD) or Disability (D).  Teams competing are permitted to have a maximum of two MD athletes on the roster and they can only play one at a time.

The criteria for MD and D are:

  • Minimal Disabled (MD) – some loss of muscular strength, flexibility or a combination, in a joint, that hinders athlete’s ability to play volleyball
  • Disabled (D) – complete loss of muscular strength, flexibility or a significant combination of two in a joint


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