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How to Find a Physical Disability Personal Trainer

What Physical Disability Personal Trainer Does
A physical disability personal trainer can help with a number of things, including:

  • Help establish goals
  • Jump start exercise routines
  • Teach safe and effective techniques for exercise
  • Make sure that you’re applying the techniques and correct you if not
  • Offer ideas to update a routine
  • Provide motivation to achieve and expand goals

Considerations when Selecting a Physical Disability Personal Trainer
To find a physical disability personal trainer, you should ask for recommendations, go through a gym or use a directory (see below).  Next, you need to determine if a particular personal trainer is a fit for you.  Some considerations are:

  • Credentials – they should have a certification
  • Personality – no matter how good someone is, if they get on your nerves it’s not a fit
  • Philosophy – their approach should be aligned with your goals and preferences
  • Areas of expertise – do you need a generalist of specialist
  • Cost – based on your budget, you may want the option of private or semi-private sessions
  • Availability – do you have to have a fixed schedule or can it be a floating schedule
  • Location – do they work out of a gym, come to your home, etc.
  • Reputation – take the time to check a few references

Directory to Find a Personal Trainer
This is a directory, maintained by National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD), of personal trainers who self-report their experience and qualifications in working with clients with disabilities and health conditions.  You can browse the fitness professionals by state or country or search by zip code, narrowing it down to how far you are willing to travel (10 to 250 miles).

Get Started with an Exercise Routine
Learn how — info about exercises, equipment and more.

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